The Notes for Participants may contain participation conditions, disclaimers and other provisions. Some of these regulations may confine the responsibilities for activities. Anyone who disagrees or does not comply with the Notes for Participants may not be allowed to participate in this event.

Due to security concerns, some luggage, including bags, parcels, or other items, may not be brought into the venue. For unattended items, the organizer will handle it properly.

Please respect other participants and staff at the conference. Behave properly and don’t make any dangerous, illegal, unsanitary, destructive or offensive actions. Anyone who has made the above actions will be immediately asked to leave the venue undoubtedly.

Anyone who dressed improperly or indecently, which will affect the experience of other participants, may be not allowed to enter or be asked to leave the venue.

Participants should take good care of their personal belongings all times and be responsible for their own safety.

It is prohibited to engage in the following activities:

  • Use or carry flammable and explosive materials (such as firecrackers), weapons, simulated weapons, and toy guns (including toy explosives, water guns, etc.).
  • Sell and/or exchange goods or services, or display any goods or services for sale or exchange, or distribute and/or display any kind of leaflet or recordings, or use any flag, banner or signage.
  • Enter the area for staff only and the stage.
  • Photographing, video or audio recordings other than personal use and non-commercial purposes.
  • Conduct any interviewing activities, including without limitation interviewing visitors or cast members by photography, video or audio recording.
  • Carrying animals (except guide dogs). Guide dogs must be tethered and kept under control all times.
  • Use large professional photographic, camera equipment and tools; use large tripods, folding chairs, and stools.
  • Use items prohibited by relevant laws as well as other dangerous or destructive items.
  • Any violation of the laws of the People's Republic of China.
  • Any dangerous behavior or any activities that may hinder this conference and the operation of any supporting facilities.

The organizer may take films, photographs and/or records in the activity area. When you access to the activity area, you will be deemed to have consented to be filmed, photographed and/or recorded, and to have permitted us to use the images and/or recordings containing your portraits and/or sounds for the organizer’s internal business, administrative and operational purposes, or for other directly related purpose, as well as for the purpose of satisfying legal, safety or security requirements, or for any other legitimate purposes.

For security reasons, the organizer may restrict participants from entering the activity area in case of bad weather or overcrowding.

In order to ensure the safety of participants and maintain good order, please follow the guidelines and instructions from the organizer’s staff at any time.

Should the information of this event provided by the official website be different from that provided by any other websites, mobile application and written documents, the information on official website shall prevail. The organizer will not assume any guarantee or legal responsibility for the information provided by third parties.

There isn’t any kind of expressed or implied warranty for this event, including but not limited to any implied warranty for particular purpose, merchantability, non-infringement, and proprietorship. The organizer will assume no responsibility for any actions or omissions that may occur in any third party and all participants during the conference. All participants should assume full responsibility for their participation in this event.

The organizer will assume no responsibility for the correctness, completeness, up-to-dateness, or quality of information provided by any person or organization during this event. The organizer expressly declares not to assume any responsibility for any action taken or not taken by any person relying on all or part of the content related to this event.

The event is a professional exchange activity within the industry, aiming to encourage the exchange of academic information and establish the communication between participants, exhibitors, and sponsoring organizations.

Participants attending this event need to wear identification signs according to the requirements of the organizer, otherwise the organizer’s staff shall have the right to refuse participants to enter the activity area.

Participants shall not smoke, or make phone calls or loud noises, or take photos or make video recordings in the activity area. During the event, participants shall turn off their mobile phones or switch them to silent or vibration mode. Otherwise, the organizer shall have the right to request them to leave the venue and refuse them to re-enter.

Participants must fully agree with the fire safety and security requirements of the organizer and the venue owner. The organizer may suspend this event at any time in accordance with fire and security requirements. During the event, participants must completely obey the evacuation directions provided by the staff and security guards from the organizer or the venue owner in case of fire and/or security issue.

Participants must neither bring their own foods into the activity area, nor drink beverage or eat foods other than those provided by the organizer on the venue.

Participants must register with the organizer to participate in this event. The registration information includes only the company name, department, position, name, office phone, mobile phone, and email address of the participants. The organizer will not collect any other personal information from participants.

The organizer and/or sponsor/exhibitor (if any) of this event will be limited to the use of personal information for notification of event or other business cooperation only. According to the laws, The Interpretation by the Supreme People's Court and the Supreme People's Procuratorate on Several Issues About Implementation of Law in Criminal Cases of Infringing Citizens’ Personal Information ( ), enacted on June 1, 2017, the event organizer or sponsor/exhibitor (if any) shall not provide, transfer or share registration information with any other third-party organizations and individuals without obtaining the consent of the participants, except for complying with the requirements of laws, regulations, court orders, orders from government regulators and government actions, supervising and managing requests, the organizer may submit the registration information provided by participants.

Participants who register or participate in this activity shall fully understand and agree to the terms, and they shall authorize personal information to the organizer or sponsor/exhibitor (if any) of the event. The event organizer or sponsor/exhibitor (if any) may store the abovementioned registration information and contact the participants based on the needs of the participants for this event or other business cooperation.

Anyone who disagrees to the terms of participation may not be allowed to participate in this event.

Though the organizer has already made completed comprehensive safety precautions, the following circumstances may still occur, such as a third party eluded the organizer’s security monitoring and entered the database of the organizer or sponsor/exhibitor (if any) to access your registration information.

The organizer believes that you have become aware of the existence of such risks and agree to assume such risks when you register to participate in the event or provide personal information to the organizer in any way during the event. The organizer will not assume any legal responsibility for any legal disputes caused thereby.