In a highly competitive talent market, it is important for employers to showcase their most unique part of the employer branding, as talents in the nowadays have different personalities and different requirements. The customized employer branding makes the employer more attractive.

An employer brand is not a slogan but a long-term and unique differentiation between corporates and other competitors. Corporates are able to adjust the expectations of employees and candidates by communicating the vision and values of the business through employer branding management. When the brand is well-connected with its target audiences, companies do not only attract the right people but the talents will also be passionate about the company because they know it will be a rewarding experience to work in your business.

The relationship between employers and their employees are an emotional one. Good relationship with your employees can mean that its reputation in their social circles and potential employees are good. This gives an indication that the employer is respectable and is desirable to work in. As with product branding, developing and promoting employer brand strategies are equally crucial.

An employer’s brand should be fresh and creative. In this age of competition, companies need interesting and trendy employer brand ideas to attract top-quality talents. Good employer brand ideas and well thought out strategies must be built on solid ideas. The Employer Branding Creativity Awards, which is tied to the companies’ HR strategies, will amplify the company’s appeal.

The 2018 Employer Branding Creativity Awards in Greater China aims to honor companies with high profile and innovative employer brands that demonstrate the power of employer branding to a wider audience through this competition. To maximize the publicity of the best employers, award-winning employer brands will be given a wide range of media publicity. This competition is set to bring insight to your brand communication.