● Content Communication

Content plays an important role in employer branding. It showcases the culture and communication of the workplace in the form of words, allowing the employer's brand image to be more realistic and easier to understand. Its logic, depth and language will determine the success of content operation.

● Creative Design

Creative design is important to attract the target audiences' attention. The creative idea gives the audience an intuitive and vivid insight to the employer’s brand. Creativity, originality, visual impact and relevance to employer branding also play a decisive role in employer brand communication.

● Communication Strategy

Communication strategy to choose the communication channels based on the position of the population and to showcase the employer brand to a wider audience. The choice of communication channels, the dissemination coverage and the accumulation of popularity are crucial to the success of the strategy.

● Effective Communication

Communication efficiency is the empirical research on the final results of employer branding. Through the analysis of communication efficiency, we can reflect the effect of employer branding project objectively, so as to optimize the weak link of the whole project.

● Customer Experience

Customer Experience is an empirical study that connects employer’s brand and target audience. Through the subjective factors of the audience, such as interaction, convenience and entertainment, customer experience optimizes the total human experience in the project.

■ Entry Requirements

1. Copywriting Category
Entries related to creative copywriting, scripts and so on should be submitted in Microsoft Word document format.

2. Graphic Design Category
Artworks should be submitted in jpg. or png. format. Color should be set in RGB format and in 300dpi and A3 size.

3. Animated Video Category
● There are no restrictions in shooting tools and production software. Length should be between 30 – 300 seconds and screen width of no less than 600 pixels.
● Work should be submitted in mp4. format and should not exceed 1G in size.

4. Interactive Category
● Work can be in H5 animation, H5 games, H5 electronic magazine, H5 interactive videos, etc.
● Resolution of the submission should be adapted for mobile phone viewing and the default page width should be 640 pixels, height 1008 pixels or 1030 pixels and should not exceed 15 pages.
● Please submit your work as a link or in QR code format.

5. Project Category
● Overall employer branding projects including but not limited to project background, design ideas, employer branding plan design, implementation plan, project budget and project achievements.
● Document requirements: A combination of graphic and text with no more than 50 pages, including front cover, back cover and catalog, excluding attachments.)
● Please submit your work in Microsoft Word, PDF or PPT formats.

■ Copyright Requirements
I. Entries must be owned by the entry participant. Consequences of copyright disputes arising from the submitted works shall be held responsible by the participant. The organizers and cooperators of this award will not bear any legal or related responsibilities.
II. Participants hereby irrevocably consent and hereby authorize organizers and cooperators of the Contest to legally possess the following rights in their entries:
1) To use submissions in promotion of event, public relations communications, photocopying, copying, publishing or to display in all related activities;
2) To copy entries into CDs or any kind of album for profit or non-profit promotions.
3) All entries will be shared with the media and will be published in various channels.
4) The entries will be displayed and distributed for advertising within the period of three years from the closing of this award.