ⅠAwards Qualifications

  • Interested participants include any organization that had employer branding projects in Greater China.
  • Entries must be submitted with prior consent from the advertiser.
  • All entries should comply with the principle of originality and abide by the requirements of Advertising Law and other relevant laws, policies, regulations and industry norms.
  • Any entry that violates ethnic religious beliefs and public taste is barred from entering this competition.
  • To ensure the accuracy of the awards, contestants must truthfully fill in required information and ensure contact information is valid.

Ⅱ Awards Categories

    • Individual Awards

    √Best Employer Brand Copywriting Award
    √Best Employer Brand Animated Video Award
    √Best Employer Brand Graphic Design Award
    √Best Employer Brand Communication Award
    √Best Employer Brand Interactive Award

    • Project Awards

    √Best Employee Experience Award
    √Best On-board Project
    √Best Recruitment Project
    √Best Social Responsibility Project
    √Best EVP Project

Ⅲ Entry Schedule

25 January 2018 Commencement of Competition
25 January - 20 June 2018 Registration, Delivery of Works, Entry Selection
10 May - 10 July 2018 Announcement of Finalists
19 July 2018 Awards Ceremony

Ⅳ Project Services & Expenses

    • Employer Branding Project Analysis Report

    √Works submitted to this contest will be given judges’review and comments and each participating company will be given a complete report.
    √Each participating company will receive a list of employer branding service modules that are provided exclusively by WINGs.

    • Employer Branding Exposure

    √Winning works will be displayed on The Employer Branding Creativity Awards official website to give due recognition to the winning brand.
    √Publicity and exposure for the winning companies in more than 10 leading medias in China
    √Exclusive interviews for the award-winning executives.

    • Professional Employer Branding Training

    √An exclusive one-day employer branding training course with Richard Mosley to meet the father of employer branding in person (worth RMB10,000 per day)
    √Exclusive 20% discount off the EBA & Wings Employer Branding Certification Course for six months. (Original price RMB 68,000)

    • Employer Branding Film Festival

    √Two free invites to Employer Branding Film Festivals for every award participant worth RMB1,000 each.
    √Exclusive discounted rates for the awards ceremony dinner.

    • Exclusive Employer Branding Creativity Summer Camp at Naked Retreats (worth RMB12,000)

    √Two-day Summer Camp with employer branding experts to share and discuss the professional practices and tips in employer branding area.

    • Award Promotion Plan

    √Media partnership and news release to more than 500 media outlets with approximately 600,000+ views.
    √Organizer’s online platform with a daily average of 30,000-page views.
    √EDM sent to 300,000+ HRs, mid-senior candidates and college students.
    √Effective channel for case sharing online for 10,000+ HRs and candidates.

Project Services 28,000 RMB 18,000 RMB
Employer Branding Project Analysis Report
Professional Employer Branding Training
Employer Branding Film Festival
Award Promotion
Exclusive Employer Branding Creativity Summer Camp at Naked Retreats /

Ⅴ Payment of Fees

  • Please follow the below procedures if you are remitting funds from Mainland China:
  • Account Name:Shanghai Kingtrue Media Co., Ltd.
  • Account Number:121918195110204
  • Bank Branch:CHINA MERCHANTS BANK (Shanghai Branch, Middle Wu Zhong Road Sub-branch)
  • The full entry fees should be paid in 15 days after the submission of entries. Please put the subject as “Employer Branding Creativity Awards in Greater China + your company name” and email screenshot of payment to the organizing committee for confirmation after successful payment. Any unpaid fee will result in disqualification of entry.